Therapeutic Approaches

Therapeutic Attitude 
While consulting  with Dr. Mathes, you will come to a confidential and safe environment where you can work on personal issues without judgment.  Dr. Mathes receives clients from all walks of life and circumstances.  She believes you hold inside the wisdom you seek, and she is there to facilitate your finding these solutions.  Through years of experience and training in multiple modalities, she is able to effect a therapeutic relationship that meets your individual needs.

Clinical Issues:  Serving the personality and honoring the soul:

Finding the underlying causes of symptoms:  guilt, anxiety, depression, obsession, anger, and fear;
Grieving losses and betrayals;
Changing relationships through self- awareness;
Transformation from crisis and life-changing events.

Active Imagination 

Jung saw active engagement with the unconscious as a way to transform and dissolve difficult psychological problems.  In addition to traditional  dialogue or  “talk therapy,”  that constitutes most of her work, Dr. Mathes employs imagination, creative play and fantasy, encouraging her patient to be utterly spontaneous and free to imagine anything.  She has her patients give form to their imagination through drawing a scene from a dream, painting by choosing colors that arise spontaneously from the unconscious, journaling thoughts and feelings, psychodrama and reenactment.