Dr. Charlotte Mathes' new book, And a Sword Shall Pierce Your Heart: Moving from Despair to Meaning after the Death of a Child, reports and reflects on her story about the loss of her son, and those of many others in similar situations with whom she later worked as therapist and researcher.  Her recurrent themes are the profundity of mother grief and the deep tasks such mourning women must complete to heal themselves.

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Dr. Mathes is also a contributor to Psyche & the City: A Soul's Guide to the Modern Metropolis (Edited by Tom Singer).

Does a city have a soul?  How does the individual psyche - as long-time resident, recent arrival or visitor - experience different cities?  The cities explored by Jungian analysts and critical thinkers include the following:

Bangalore Berlin Cairo Cape Town Jerusalem London Los Angeles Mexico City Montreal Moscow New Orleans New York Paris San Francisco Sao Paulo Shanghai Sydney Zurich

"If a visitor stays long enough, he will begin to recognize how the psychic energy of New Orleans plays on him in a bipolar movement of land and sea, abundance and deprivation, greed and generosity, suffering and ecstacy, Apollonion and Dionysian attitudes, and, as the name of two streets suggest, Piety and Desire." --- Dr. Charlotte Mathes: "Archetypal Density and the Unconscious" in Psyche & the City.

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