Dream Notes

The Big Dream

Because they derive from different levels of psyche, dreams differ in quality and intensity.  Ordinary dreams comment about our daily life.  In order to understand them, we need to reflect on what is happening in our lives and what challenges we face.  Often these dreams sort out what has happened to us during the day, and on the surface, they appear to be of little importance.  In contrast, when we have a Big Dream, we know we have experienced something different.  Big Dreams are especially charged with archetypal psychic energy.

Perhaps you have had a Big Dream that stays with you and fills you with wonder.  Here are some characteristics of Big Dreams:

  1. Remembered by the dreamer for a long time;

  2. Connected with mystery;

  3. Seem to hold messages from God or a higher authority than the Ego;

  4. Holds a meaningfulness that can't be put into words;

  5. Address not only the personal but comment on a human condition;

  6. Have images with otherworldly qualities that create a sense of awe;

  7. Involve hearing, taste, touch or smell as well as sight;

  8. Are "realer than real."

Write down your Big Dream and begin your homework!