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Notes from the International Conference on Analytical Psychology: South Africa, 2007
For many Jungian psychoanalysts, the recent conference in Capetown was a profound experience, challenging and enriching our ethical perspectives.  
The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, at the end of Apartheid, was an experiment that requires a dramatic shift in our core thinking: the ethical model of" an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" is no longer tenable. Dr. Mathes will show the healing benefits of bearing witness to trauma and of forgiveness. Inviting open discussion and participation, she will examine the South African concept of ubuntu and compare it with Jung's model of individuation. 
Healing Transgenerational Trauma in Indigenous Australia
Developing Ethics as a Psychotherapist: Readings from a Jungian Perspective
Working with Cultural Complexes

Past Presentations

"Archetypal Aspects of Mourning"
"Developmental Theory and Contemporary Infant Research"
"Little Miss Sunshine" - Family Dynamics and Individualism
"Shades of Love in the Film Babel"

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